Pati Patni Jokes In Hindi

Pati patni mandir main!

Pati-tumne kya manga?

Patni-Ki aap aur main saat janam saath rahe.

Patni-Aur aapne.

Pati-Ye mera saatwa janam ho. :) 😀 😉 😛 :) 😀 😉 😛

 Clever Students Funny Jokes

Jon and Ron are brothers. Their teacher told them to write an essay about Dog. After checking the essays the teacher said,

‘Why both the essays are the same?’

Ron: Sir, our pet dog is same. :) 😀 😉 😛 :) 😀 😉 😛

 Funny Teacher Student Joke In English

Teacher :What happened in 1809?

Student: Abraham Lincoln was born.

Teacher :What happened in 1819?

Student: Abraham Lincoln was ten years of age. :) 😀 😉 😛 :) 😀 😉 😛

 Cute Lines For Love In English

I have a heart and that is valid,

Be that as it may, now it has gone from me to you,

So tend to it simply as I do,

Cause I have no heart and you have two.

 Romantic Kiss SMS In English

I’m with you understanding this ,

Taking a gander at your eyes and your lips,

Touching your lips softly with my fingertips.

Having intercourse to

you in every kiss.

 Heart Touching Hindi Love Shayri

Uske alfaz me is Kadar Noor Tha,

Ki UsKi Yaad Me Rona Bhi Manjur Tha,

Bewafa Bhi Nhi Keh Skte Usko,


kyu ki Pyar To Humne Kiya Tha Wo To Bekasur tha.

 Broken Heart SMS In English

The Day Was the Last

The Day Was Gone

The Day Was Sad

The Day Made Me Mad

Because You Left My Heart.

 Adult Jokes In English 140

There are 2 sorts of hooks

first is cricket hook


second is brazer hook

first is utilized to send ball outside the boundary


second is to control balls inside the boundary. :) 😀 😉 😛 :) 😀 😉 😛

 KBC Non Vej Funny Joke

Amitabh bachan in KBC

Question for 10 lac to Sardar jee

What is the colour of your wife’s underwear?

Option 1 : White

Option 2 : Grey

Option 3 : Black

Option 4 : Blue

Sardar jee : Can I phone a friend? :) 😀 😉 😛 :) 😀 😉 😛

 Whatsapp Funny Hindi Jokes

Yar, ajkal Main bhot Pareshan hu.

Nend nhi aati?

Sukon bhi nhi?

Kisi kam me dil bhi nhi lagta?

Doctor ne mujhe kaha hai ki Ap ko,,,




ki kami hai… :) 😀 😉 😛 :) 😀 😉 😛

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