HEERA hai sada k liye..

Gold gets brown
Silver gets dark
Platinum gets white,
Copper loses shine.
All metals leaves U
but I m the only 1 who remains with U
Bcoz HEERA hai sada k liye.

 People fall in love not knowing why or how..

People fall in love not knowing why or how.
It’s so special a feeling that
it doesn’t require much answers.
U just love no matter how stupid u become.

 When you’re lost in the dark..

“When you’re lost in the dark
Whn you’re out in the cold
Whn you’re looking for something that resembles your soul
When the wind blows your house of cards
I’ll be a home to your homeless heart” –

 Just had an x-ray taken..

Just had an x-ray taken.
Guess what they found?
It was U safely stucked in my heart.
They said my heart is fine with U in it.
Remove U and I’m DEAD!

 To the world..

To the world
you may be just 1 person

But, to 1 person,
you are the WORLD.

 I am Lost In Your Love…

I’m Lost In Your Dreams During the Days..
‘n Coz Of That I Can’t The Feel Sun’s Rays …
I’m Lost In Ur Dreams Even At Night..
‘n Coz Of That I Can’t See The Moon LiGht..
I’m Lost In Your Dreams For Month ToGether
‘n Coz Of That I Can’t Feel The ChanginG Weather…
So Dear Now I Can’t Leave You Coz…
Without You My Life Is Blue ..Love You <3

 Work hard But Make Time For Your Love…

“Work hard, But Make Time For Your Love, Friends ‘n Family.
Because Nobody Remembers
Powerpoint Presentations,Marks,Degrees On Your Death”

 Love has no Reason…

It doesn’t take a reason to love someone,
but it does to like someone. You don’t love someone because you want to;
You love someone because you are destined too.
It’s because you fall in Love with them, that you then try to find a reason,
but you always Ended with the answer, No reason.. !

 Men Love because they are…

Men Love because they are Afraid of Themselves,
Afraid of the Loneliness that Lives in Them,
Need some one in whom they can Lose Themselves.. !

 I try to tell you how I feel…

I try to tell you how I feel
I try to tell you but I am me
Words don’t come easily
When you get close I share them
I watch you when you smile
I watch you when you cry
And I still don’t understand
I cant find the way to tell you
I wish I was your lover
I wish that you were mine
Baby, I got this feeling
That I just cant hide
Don’t try to run away
Theres many things I try to tell.. !

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