Sweet Love SMS In English

Loving you is easy, missing you is hard,

Wishing you were with me bound by a strong cord,

All the time thinking of you when we are apart,

though all the time you were in my heart.

 Love SMS For Girlfriends

Individuals may inquire as to whether Love is something to battle for,

be that as it may, when I think about your affection, I am prepared for even a war.

 Best Love SMS In English

My affection is certifiable that is certain,

as is yours, white and unadulterated.

You’re cherishing favor that pretty face,

nobody will ever assume your position!

 Love SMS Messages To Girlfriend

Pretty twists of luxurious hair and

Delicate body smooth as the child’s feet,

Basically powerful.

Not certain in the event that it is love or desire,

however, it is essentially irreversible.

 “Miss… Me” SMS In English

If you want to “Miss me”

If you want to “Feel me”

So… Close ur Eyes,

And keep ur hand on ur Heart,

And Then Listen…. Dhak Dhak Dhak Dhak…..
Yes!Its me!!

 English Romantic SMS

When i take a gander at you,

i can’t deny there is God,

cause no one but God could have made somebody

as brilliant n wonderful as you

 Best Romantic English SMS

If Your asking if I Need you the answer is forever..

If Your asking if I’ll Leave you the answer is Never..

If Your asking what I value the Answer is you..

if Your asking if I love you the answer is I do.

 Cute Lines For Love In English

I have a heart and that is valid,

Be that as it may, now it has gone from me to you,

So tend to it simply as I do,

Cause I have no heart and you have two.

 Love SMS For Girlfriend In English 140

Following the time when YOU Came Into My Life,

I Am A Different Person Now.

I Smile More,

Snicker More

What’s more,

Feel So Loved.

On account of YOU.


 Beautiful Romantic SMS In English

There are Tulips in my greenery enclosure,

There are Tulips in the recreation center,

Be that as it may, nothing is more delightful

Than our two lips meeting oblivious!

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