Dirty English Joke

A young lady saw a man brimming with tattoo,

Nike on his arms,

Reebok on his legs,

she was shocked when saw helps in his sex organ,

He said: unwind when it augments,
it gets to be Adidas..

 140 adult sms

This my most beautiful SMS for you
If you read you owe me a HUG,
If you delete you Owe me a kiss,
If you save you owe me a DATE,
If you return text message to me,
You OWE me All,
But if you ignore,
You are MINe!
So wat will You do?

 nonveg sms hindi 140 character

HONTON” se tere “HONTON” ko geela kr don
Tere “HONTO” ko me or bhi raseela kr don
Tu is qadar PYAR kary k PYAR ki inteha ho jaey,
Tere “HONTO” ko choos kr tujhe or bhi joshila kr don
Na rahe aarzo dor hatne ki
raat jo Pakron tere “HOONT” apne “HONTO” se,
Subha tak tery “HOONT”or nashela kr don.

 non veg sms 140 words

He took me from a bar

He took me in his car

He took my top off

He puts his lips on mine, but don’t worry: I’m a bottle of wine!

 hindi adults jokes in hindi

Husbnd in susral
teling 2 wife:
ao sex karen
wife: Nahi ye mery
baap ka ghar hy
sharm ati hy mujy,
Husbnd:mery baap
ka ghar koi chakla hai
jo roz tyar hoti

 adult hindi jock

Peter -: Boss! Aaap ko kaun si 3 cheeze sabse jahyahda pasand hai?
Ajeet -: Ek Mona,
Doosra Sona,
aur Tisra,
Mona ke saath Sona.

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