Lovely roses and Lovely you..

Lovely roses and Lovely you..
and Lovely r the things u do..
but the loveliest is the friendship of the two
one is ME and other is YOU.

 Some people were born with talents..

Some people were born with talents.
They can do beautiful things with their skills,
Knowledge and technology.
But no one is as talented as you.
You just come near,
And there is already beauty.

 Agar tum mil jao..

Girls Of 1995*
“Agar tum mil jao ZAMANA Choir denge Hum”

Girls Of 2010*
“Agar tum mil jao PURANA choir denge Hum”

 Dating process..

Dating process: 6 weeks : I love U,
I love U, I love U. 6 months : Of course I love U.
6 years : GOD, if I didn’t love U, then why the hell did I propose?

 You are one i need..

Ur the one i love.the one I need.
but bad mistakes Ive done search
for forgivness and happyness too.
I want to say that I love u..!!

 My love for u was so true,

My love for u was so true,
U know that I would never forget u,
But now my heart is crushed n broken in two
I should have never fallen in love with u

 Love Described By A Simple Boy…

Love Described By A Simple Boy;

Love IS When Mom Kisses Me.

Love IS When Dad Looks At Me That One Day He Will Sit On couch Watching TV
I Will Come Back From Work
‘n Saying “Dad,Still You Haven’t Sleep Yet”

Love IS When My Sister-in-law Will Say
Hey Brother, I Have Seen A Girl For You.

Love IS When My Sister While Doing My Work Will Say
“When I Will Get Merried Who Will Do Your Work?”

Love IS When I Am Doing My Work My Brother say
“Leave It Dear,Let’s Go For Treat”

Love IS When My Best Friend Say “I Always Miss You”

“Love IS To Feel The Relations”

 If you have love In your life..

If you have love In your life,
It can make up for a
Great many things You lack.

If you don’t have it,
No matter what else
There is, it’s not enough…

 We humans are so pathetic

We humans are so pathetic dat:
If we HATE someone,
V tel it to everyone without
any fear.But if V LOVE some1,
V fear evn 2 tel d luvd1.
Isn’t Amazing !!

 Frndship is 1% more than Love

Love is unstoppable,
Love is emotional,
Love is unimaginable,
Love is desire,
Love is destiny,
Love is joy,
but frndship is 1% more than Love…

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