“I Don’t TRUST Easily

“I Don’t TRUST Easily
Because The People
I Have Trusted In The Past Gave Me
A Reason Not To. . .”

 Broken Trust is like a melted Chocolate,

Broken Trust is like a melted Chocolate,
No matter how u tried to freeze it,
it will never return to its original Shape..!

 Line by a broken heart

Line by a broken heart

Sorry my heart is
Closed for renovation..!!!
Be back
When the damage has
Been repaired..!


Someone Has To Hurt You
Deep Enough
To Make You Realize
How Better Your Life
Is Without Them In It. . . !!!

 Be Your Sweetest Stranger Forever

I Know Your Life Can Go On Without Me,
That You Can Be Happy Without Me,
That You Can Survive Without Me,
But Even If You Turn Me Away,
I Will Still Choose To Stay With You,
Be Your Sweetest Stranger Forever

 Worth An Explanation …. !!!

If You Leave Someone
At Least Tell Them


What’s More Painful Than
Being Abandoned
Is Knowing
You Are Not Worth An
Explanation …. !!!

 We can’t kiss our elbow

The fact that we can’t kiss our elbow
is enough to make us realize
that something in life
may seem to be very close to us
but is still beyond our reach…!

 Dont cry for a guy.

“Dont cry for a guy.
Let a guy cry for you..

Because a girl give and forgive,
but a guy get and forget.”

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