One day my angel told me that
she was too scared to get into a relationship with me..
I just told her..Hey sweetheart,
Don’t be scared I’m always there with you..
‘n moreover if you are afraid to walk then
I will put your feet on mine ‘n we will walk together..
You hold my hand, I caress your lips,
You look into my eyes ‘n my heart beat skips.
I stroke your back skin so soft ‘n smooth,
I admire your face, every line, every groove.
We move in a little closer, our bodies entwine,
you touch my neck, it sends shivers down my spine.
You whisper that you love me ‘n
I know it’s true because
I feel it in my heart ‘n I love you too.

P.S Madly Love you A Lot ..
You’re My Life…
I will never ever stop loving you till my last breath..

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