Gud mrng…

B-egin ur day with
L-ove in ur heart…
E-ver Smiling…
S-hare goodness
S-hine like d sun
I-nspire some1…
N-ever 4get that
G-OD is with U. Gud mrng…

 Have a nice day !!

For every Success of a person there will b a Countless Pain in his Heart
And that Pain makes him a Successful Person in Life”
good morning… Have a nice day !!

 Good Morning

Very Good,
Just Taught U How To Smile Wide
Now Go & Brush Your Teeth.. ;)
Good Morning

 GoOd MoRnInG .

I Went To Sleep Last Night With A Smile
B’Coz I Knew I’d B Dreaming Of U
But I Woke Up This Morning With A Smile
B’Coz U Weren’t A Dream
GoOd MoRnInG .

 Good morning…

I know still ur lazy hands r trying 2 pick the cell and ur cute half opened eyes r trying to read d msg my sweet
friend it’s time 2 wake up.. Good morning…


Dear Friend’s!
Your Remaining
Sleeping Time
Has been Expired
Leave Ur Bed
Open Ur Eyes
And c Ur Mobile
I wish U

 good morning…..

Its True-
All d water in d ocean could never sink a ship unless it gets inside.
All d pressures of life can never hurt u unless u let them in! Good mrng. . . .

 Good mrng…

Feel the pleasure of life
in every second.
Never be angry or sad,
B’coz every 1 min of ur sadness
u loss 60 seconds of happiness…
keep smiling ..
Good mrng…

 good evening….

Cute Lines :-
Tears can b Trusted more than Smile because you can easily Smile at anybody but cant Cry without True Feelings….. 🙂 Gööd evenin !!

nnhe se dil me arman koi rakhana duniya ki bhin me phchan koi rakhana,achhe nahi lagate jab rhte ho udas apne hotho pe shada muskan bnaye rakhna.

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