A true friend irritates..

A true friend irritates
when u say i m SAD,
Laughs when u say i’m SORRY,
Smiles when u say MISS U.
And kicks when u say i’m BUSY

 Your Presence is Like…

Your Presence is Like First Gleam of Sunlight Swallowing The Darkness,
Your Presence is Like Finding an Open Door When all Door are Closed,
Your Presence is Like Moving on a Smooth Way Other than those with Stones ‘n Bushes…
Your Presence is Like Feeling the Marvellous Smell of Sand when Rain Drops fall on them…
Your Presence is Like Watchng Colorful Butterflies Fluttering Beautifully Arund A flower
Its Just…
Your Presence is Like Awakening of Awesome Blossom Life With In Me.. !

 You can live without the Person…

You can live without the Person
who says “U R MINE”
But u can NEVER live without someone
who says “I M YOURS!”
May you be blessed with one such person in Life..!

 Every Girl Wants A Guy Who…

Every Girl Wants A Guy
Who Hugs Her When They’re Watching A Scary Or Romantic Movie,
Who Gives Her His Jacket Even When He Himself Is Feeling Cold,
Who Will Always Be The One To Make Her Laugh,
Most Importantly He Will Love Her For Who She Is !

That Guy Is What Google Calls “No Result Found” ..!! 🙂 😀

 I Miss You As Much As You Missed The Air….

Close Your Eyes ….,Relax Your Body….
‘n Stop Breathing As Long As You Can…
Now Breath…
I Miss You As Much As You Missed The Air..!

 Love is Docomo…

Love is Docomo, do the New.

Mariage is idea
can change Ur life

Wife is Hutch, where ever you go she folows


Frienship is Airtel 1atut bandhan

 When a Girl Accepts Your Friend Request…

When a Girl Accepts Your Friend Request
it means she accepted Your “Friendship” Not Your “Proposal”..
When a Girl sends you a Friend Request
it means She wants to be your Friend not Your Girlfriend.
When She Tag you
it means she wants to share her Thoughts with You
‘n not that She’s Lost in Your Thoughts..
When she comments on Your status
it means She’s just being Social ‘n not Flirting..
When She Like Your comment
it means She like Your Comment not You. !

 A girl never express her liking for a boy…

A girl never express her liking for a boy
Thinking boy should express first
A boy never express with a fear of losing her as a friend
That’s why love stories end before it starts..!

 When you feel that Someone is taking your Place…

When you feel that
Someone is taking your Place in Your Bestfriend’s Heart…
Never Say I’ll never let Go Close to My Bestfriend,
Rather Say Go as Close as You can,
I Will Still be the Closest.. !

May You Reach More Milestone,
Discover more friends in Upcoming New Year.. !

 The only good thing about

The only good thing about

The only good thing about your own mistakes, is that is might make other people happy.Happy Friendship Day !!!!!!!!

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