jokes sms in english

biology teacher told all students to draw female reproductive organ.
one girl felt shy and looked down.
sardar boy shouted – mam she is copying.

 jokes in hindi 140 words funny

Santa goes library n asks 4 a book ‘Psycho- the rapist’.
The librarian searches, come back n says:- idiot,
the book called

 jokes for adults

Richman to poorman- ‘How come ur penis so big? Poorman- replied: ‘B’coz in my childhood i had no other toys to play with!!!

 hindi funny sms in 140 words non veg

Dosti Bubs nahi jo dab jaye Dosti Lund nahi jo thak jaye Dosti gand nahi jo phat jaye Dosti to chut he mere dost jo samay Ke sath gehri hoti jaye.

 gud eve sms

Shadi k 6 mahine baad ladki Maa se boli
Apne jo BED dia tha wo lambai me chhota he
Maa:Tu ab bata rahi he 6 mahine baad.
Ladki:Taange hi ab SEEDHI huyi he..

 filthy adult jokes

Suhaag Raat k Agle din:
Wife:Janu Nashta krna hai?
Hus:sex hi hamra Nashta hai & Sex start.
Wife Dupahar
ko:Khana khate hai?
Hus:sex hi khana hai & Again sex Start!
Raat ko Jab Pati room me Aya to Wife heater k Aage tange fela k baithi thi
Hus: ye kya kar rhi ho?
Wife:Raat ka khana garam kar rhi hu.

 father day sms text

Lady-1 Shampoo plz
Shopkpr-Agar Head k bal dhone hai to HEAD N SHOLDER aur agar PANTY k bal dhone hai to PANTENE le lo.
Lady-GARNIER do Gand dhoni hai.


1 Mouse was fucking an elephnt in a coconut farm.
1 cocnt fals on elephant’s head
elpt: oouch!
mouse: oouch vouch kuch nahi gandu
Apna SHOT to aisa hi hota hai..

 double meaning sms

A doc advising his patient who had a heart attack:
No smoking,
No drinking &
Have sex only with ur wife because it is very important that you avoid excitement!

 awesome jokes sms

What is common between bosses & sperms.. . . Only 1 in a million turns out to be a human being!!! 😉

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