Wherever I may go..

Wherever I may go;
Whatever I do;
On Valentine’s Day
I’d like to say
I love you nd I care for you
more than you do.

 If love is a disease then I’m very ill,

If love is a disease then I’m very ill.
But I would not want medicine and won’t take any pill.
I would instead suffer this illness and be
bedridden with joy of knowing you.

 Love and death are 2 un-invited guests..

Love and death are 2 un-invited guests
When will they come nobody knows
But both have similar effects
One takes the heart
Other takes its beats !!

 Love is when there are..

Love is when
There are a million things
you wanna say to someone
when they look you in eyes and hold you in arms
nothing in life matters
other than being with that person at the moment

 You may not love me like I love you..

You may not love me like I love you,
You may not care for me like I care for you
But if you ever need me,
I will always be around for you..

 We Dont Succeed In Our 1st Love!….

We Dont Succeed In Our first Love!
Becoz We Lack Certain Qualites.
After Achieving Those Qualities,
We Never Love Again!

 Gravitation is not responsible

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.
– Albert Einstein

 I accept you for the person you are

I love you’ means that
I accept you for the person you are
and that I don’t wish to change you into someone else
it means that I care enough to fight for what we have
and that i love you enough not to let you go….!!!

 People don’t fall….

People don’t fall in love with what’s right in front of them.
People want the dream — what they can’t have.
The more unattainable, the more attractive.

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