The Love Asked to DEATH…

The Love Asked to DEATH:

Why do People like Me
Hate you?

DEATH Replied to LOVE:
Because you are a ‘Lie’
I am the ‘Truth’.. !!

 Because three words aren”t enough…

Girl: Do you really love me?
Boy: Of course I do.
Girl: I wanna hear you say it.
Boy: I don’t have to.
Girl: Why not?
Boy: Because.
Girl: I just wanna hear you say it in words.
Boy: I can’t.
The girl started to cry softly and said:
Then you don”t love me.
The 2 continued to walk in silence. They
reached the girls home.
Girl: Why
Boy: Do you really wanna know?
Girl: (hesitantly) Yes.
He hugged her gently, kissed the forehead
and whispered in her ear.
“Because three words aren”t enough…”

 The Three Magical words…

The Three Magical words Every Guy Dies to Hear from A Girl…
I Was Wrong.. !

 Girlfriend to her Boyfriend What is Love…?

Girlfriend to her Boyfriend:
What Is Love ??
People Talk So Much About Love But I Don’t Really Know
What It Is . . . ?
BF (Replied):
When I Get Angry On You ‘n You Try To Persuade Me
That Feeling Is Love,
When I Don’t Talk To You ‘n You Get Worried About Me
That Is Called Love,
When You Care For Me Whenever I M Sick Or In Pain,
That Is Love,
Finally When You Get Scared Even From The Thought Of Us
Being Apart From Each Other,
This Scary Feeling Is Called Love.. !

 One day a Girl asked to her Boy Friend…

One day a Girl asked to her Boy Friend…

Girl: if i will gonna blind one day then what will you do??
Boy: I Will take you to the best eye specialist of the world for the best ever treatment….
without thinking about money ‘n all…. 🙂

 Sometimes the World Gives So Many Reason…

Sometimes the World Gives So Many Reason To Hate It..
But Whenever it Happens
I Just Stop ‘n Think Of You ‘n Say
How Can I Hate This World When You Are A Part Of It ..! 🙂

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