The story behind “ladies first”…

The story behind “ladies first”:

Long ago, a man ‘n woman were madly in love.
They wanted to get married but their parents didn’t approve.
So they decided to kill themselves.

They thought the best way to do it was to leap off a clip.
The man couldn’t bare to see his sweetheart fall before him.. !

so he convinced her he would go first, and he jumped..

 What’s the Difference Between Love n Friendship…

I Asked My Heart:
What’s the Difference Between Love ‘n Friendship?

Heart Replied:
My Work is to Supply Blood.
Don’s Ask me Out of Syllabus.. ! 🙂

 What does a Girl Want..?

What does a Girl Want..?

“She doesn’t know What she Wants,
She Wants you to Know What she Wants…
‘n She Wants that Too”.. !

 We can love someone ‘n just be happy about…

We can love someone
‘n just be happy about it even if we know that it cannot last forever.
Its is not about having someone.
It is not about owning a relationship,
it is just about being happy ‘coz you know you have loved someone.
There is a purpose ‘n meaning behind all events
‘n this purpose n meaning develops you as a person ‘n lover.
Whatever relationship you have in ur life now,
they are precisely the ones you need at this moment… !

 Its tricky to understand these Lines…

Its tricky to understand these Lines-

Sea is Never Large
Sight of our viewing is Larger.

No one’s Love is Lesser
Our Expectations are Higher.. !

 We are Shaped by Our Thoughts…

“We are Shaped by Our Thoughts.
We become what we Think…
When the Mind is Pure,
Love follows like a Shadow that never Leaves”.. !

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