Will you still love me?l

When I die,
I’ll still love u with all my heart,
I’ll be looking down on u praying you’ll still be happy,
I’ll be hoping you still remember the great times we had.

And when I die,
I’ll still be thinking about you every minute of every day,

I’ll be thinking about whether you still think about me,

I’ll be thinking about how much I really meant to you,
But when I die,

Will you still think about me?
Will you remember the days we spent together holding hands and laughing?

Will you still have room for me in your heart?
So when I die,
Will you still love me?

 Unavoidable Fact For BACHELORS…

Unavoidable Fact For BACHELORS:
Love Makes Our Own Parents As Enemies.
Friendship Makes Others Parents As Our Parents 🙂

 Biggest Mistake One Can Do Is…

Most Meaningful Message…
Biggest Mistake One Can Do Is…
Loosing Yourself In The Process of Valuing Someone Too Much…
Forgetting That You Are Special Too.. !!

 A Girl doesn’t need to tell you…

A Girl doesn’t need to tell you,How she feels ?
Its All Written in her Eyes
If you can read her silent Eyes
You Definitely deserve her heart.. !

 You must understand that love never keeps…

“You must understand that love never keeps a person
from pursuing destiny.
If we abandons that pursuit, it’s because it wasn’t true love…
The love that speaks the Language of the World.”

 One day Sea asked River…

Cute Love:
One day Sea asked River.
‘How long will you keep entering into my salty heart…..?’
River replied
‘Untill you become sweet’.. !

 Never assume that Somebody Love us by…

True Quote:
“Never assume that Somebody Love us by Our Sweetness !
We are Just n Option When they are Bored.. !

 When you feel you are alone in a crowd…

When you feel you are alone in a crowd:(
When you feel no 1 can understand you:(
When your love is rejected by others:(
When you hate your life:(
Just close your eyes see her face
who loves you more than anyone else
Who cares for you in loneliness dies for you when you cry
She is no one but your sweet loving MOM
Love her more than anyone else in this world
Bcoz only she was,is ‘n will be there for you all the time..!

 Only two Persons in this earth…

Only two Persons in this earth will be Extremely Happy:
One Who gets Everything in Love
The one who doesn’t know What is Love.. !

 Am I Crazy Or Is This Love… ?

It seems you were sent straight to me from above
Your smile is bright enough to bring the day
Your eyes so blue, I just have to say
There couldn’t be anything more perfect in one place
Your beauty is much deeper than just your face
They say love takes time but yet…
It feels as if we’ve already met
It feels like we were meant to be
Together forever…You ‘n Me.. !

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