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Life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing and love ends when you stop caring. So dream hope and love…Makes Life Beautiful.

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Flowers die, Stories End, Songs Fade, Memories are forgotten, All things come to End, But, “Presious People” Like “You” Are always remembered

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REMEMBER that there will always be someome who remember u everyday with or without messages! or calls! THATS ME!! LV U(“,) phila(“,)

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people say we need maps to find treasure but i proved them wrong cos without a map i found you.and you will be treasure me 4 ever

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love its a pain there is no doctor that can explain it,it tackles the heart and affects the brain. sexy eyes

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If u r asking ,,, if i need U,,,, The answer is 4EVER………. If u r asking if i’ll leave U,,,, The ans is NEVER……If u r asking wat i value…..The ans is U,,,,,, Only U……………….sweet baby

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If I could spend every minute of every day with you I would. I think about you all the time. I think of you when I go to bed, and you’re the first thing I think about when I wake up

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I will Try no matter How hard I have to. I will Try even if Life crushes me down. I will not Give up & Try N Try to rise high. I will Try to Fly & Touch the Sky, even if the world says U don’t have the wings & you cant fly. I will Try to win, even if am Losing. I will Try to have Hope, even if there is None. I …

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I love to see you smile In the lone summer of light And hold you oh so close Underneath the stars at night But there is just one thing Darling through and through Forever I will cherish Every moment with you

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certain people touch your heart and u can’t stop thinking about them, that is the kind of person u are ………absent yet so near, simple yet worthy. that you should know!!

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How do i love you? i really cannot tell, for it is a pain like no known ache, a pain with which i would not part, for i treasure life and life is my heart, and my heart is you…

love poems

We cannot be together, But we’ll never be apart, For no matter what life brings us, You’re always in my heart

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If u r in a dark room, U find blood everywhere and wals r shaking dont worry friend………………. u r at the safest place u r in my heart

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What if? Cupid ruled d world and Valentine was d prince of Cupids’ kingdom…I think evry day would be a Valentines Day! Dat means evry day is another chance 2 show our loved ones tender lovin care in a special way!

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A Perfrect Gift for U! Today! Absoloutely at no Cost, Non-taxable, Silent Peformance, Extremly Personal, Fully Returnable – it’s a SMILE from me. Enjoy & take care…

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Every sms u send I keep inside my heart, every word u say touches upon my soul… we may not see each other but u will always be someone special to me

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I may be far 4 a min, 4 a hr, 4 a day, 4 a month, but I’l always b there 4 u. I may not be able to always say good morning, good evening, good night, but, I’ll never say Gud Bye

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Ask my eyes to stop looking at you… Ask my brain to stop thinking about you.. Ask my imagination to stop dreaming about you.. Ask my heart to stop beating..ask me everything..But don’t u ever stop me from loving you.

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Y do we close our eyes wen we sleep – wen we dream, when we kiss? this is becoz the most precious thing in the world is unseen. Wen i close my eyes i c u!

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Erica Jong Love is everything it’s cracked up to be. That’s why people are so cynical about it… It really is worth fighting for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don’t risk everything, you risk even more.


Sometimes the World Gives So Many Reason To Hate It.. But Whenever it Happens I Just Stop ‘n Think Of You ‘n Say How Can I Hate This World When You Are A Part Of It ..!

I wonder if you know,

wonder if you know, How special you are, I wonder if you know, How precious you are, I wonder if you know, How lucky i am, To have you in my life, I love you so much.

Dil Hi Dil Mein…..

Dil Hi Dil Mein Hum Tumhain Pyar Bahot Krtey Hain Lekin Saach Hai K Bataney Se Bahot Dartey Hain Khud Pe To Hai Yaqin Saanson Pe Magar Nahi. Moat Se Nahi Aey “Khushi” Zindagi Se Hum Dartey Hain

ceremony ……

Its a dedicated ceremony an aniversary, but not wedding. The easy way to tell is its your birthday. Have a cool smyle in all the way & have a nice birth day.

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y 2


happy birthday

In my past life, God said a gem is going to be born on date, I give u a boon that u get to be this beautiful gem’s friend… couldnt ask for anything more but thank the god For giving me a friend like u…happy birthday

When it rains…..

When it rains, you don’t see the sun, but it’s there. Hope we can be like that. We don’t always see each other, but we will always be there for one another!

f I could be anything….

f I could be anything I would be your tear! So that I could be born in your eyes, live down your cheeks and die on your lips


Words aren’t enough to tell you how wonderful you are. I love you.

love you,……

Yesterday I did love you, tomorrow I will only think of you. You know what… I love you